Aurora EDI Alliance Press ~ Volume 2 Issue 3 ~ August 12, 2013

Welcome to our summer newsletter of 2013. The Aurora EDI Alliance Press is a quarterly newsletter dedicated to current issues, events, education and newsworthy items surrounding both EDI technology and the Aurora EDI Alliance. We would welcome any feedback from our readers on how to improve it.  The Aurora EDI Alliance is a tightly knit group of U.S. companies and specializing in the implementation and maintenance of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) in a variety of industries.  We are recognized experts in EDI, and can provide consulting, system analysis, design, development and training services as well as software implementation services.

Roger Warrender Retires from Aurora 

IMG 1589 (2) 

Long time Aurora Technologies VP Roger Warrender will be retiring at the end of this year.  He was recently roasted by the staff amidst amusing fanfare and even a crown.  Roger has been an invaluable asset to Aurora Technologies for more than 12 years.  Prior to joining Aurora, Roger was a VP at daly.commerce, which is now part of Infor.  With extensive experience in distribution and manufacturing applications, we're not letting him get away completely, so he will stay on in a part-time capacity.  With the newly acquired free time that comes with retirement, Roger plans to enjoy his home in Rhode Island, travel with his wife and spend lots of time spoiling his grandchildren. 

Customer Spotlight

Carolina Wholesale Group (CWG), parent company of Arlington Industries (est. 1972), Carolina Wholesale (est. 1972) are distributors of office machines/supplies committed to product distribution, fulfillment, and logistics throughout North America.  CWG also is the parent company for Monroe Systems for Business (est. 1912), a manufacturer and innovator of desktop calculators for over 100 years.

Arlington Industries and Carolina Wholesale, with sales offices and distribution centers in Atlanta, Charlotte, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Philadelphia, specialize in the distribution, logistics and support of imaging equipment and supplies.  Both offer same-day shipping and next-day delivery of printers, copiers, MFP hardware and supplies from the industries' top brands such as Hewlett Packard, Lexmark, Xerox, Canon, Samsung, Toshiba, Ricoh, Konica Minolta, and others.  The Ctrl-Prt managed print solution provides imaging dealers the ability to manage printer fleets remotely and utilize CWG’s coast-to-coast distribution centers and inventory to replenish consumer ink and toner with rapid delivery and cost-savings.  In addition to imaging equipment, both Arlington and Carolina Wholesale offer a vast selection of office products such as calculators, shredders, cash registers, time management, consumer electronics and more from the likes of Fellowes, Swingline, Texas Instruments, Sony, Casio, Sharp, MBM and Martin Yale.  To learn more about Arlington Industries and Carolina Wholesale please visit their respective websites at and

Monroe Systems for Business, based in Bristol, Pennsylvania, was established in 1912 and has remained the premiere manufacturer of desktop calculators and adding machines for the past one hundred years.  Since CWG’s acquisition of Monroe in 2001, they have remained committed to the development of high-caliber, innovative calculators that revolutionized the industry the prior century.  To learn more about Monroe Systems for Business products please visit

EDI Integration Corporation Joins the Alliance

We are excited to announce that the EDI Integration Corporation (EIC) has joined the Aurora EDI Alliance!  EIC is the sixth company to join the Alliance since its inception in the fall of 2011. EDI Integration Corporation (EIC), an EDI implementation company, was founded in December of 1987 by Mr. Joseph G. Carley, Jr. one of three original pioneers in EDI, a 1995 Co-recipient of the DISA Edward A. Guilbert EDI Professional Award and originator of the term, "EDI."  A family company, the EDI Integration Corporation was formed with a focus on small business or, as Mr. Carley referred to them, "Mom's and Pop's," to allow them to take advantage of a "One-Stop-Shop" affordable EDI option.  Along with his wife Shirley, son Dale and daughter Denise, they set out to create this low cost option.  Over many years, EIC has successfully navigated EDI seas in not only government, but private sector as well by maintaining a vision that Mr. Carley had for a "pure" delivery of EDI and the X12 Standards.  Never losing sight of that vision has allowed EIC to enjoy a very successful and long standing relationship with its customers.  Sadly, Mr. Carley passed away in 2005 at the age of 84.  But his legacy lives on through his company, EIC, now run by his daughter Denise.  The Aurora EDI Alliance would like to extend a warm welcome to EIC!  We look forward to working with Denise and her team.

Inbound 2013

This month will find Shandra Locken, Aurora's Sales Manager, in Boston for the annual Inbound conference.  Hubspot's Inbound conference focuses on best practices for what's known as Inbound Marketing.  Gone are the days of direct mail advertising and cold calling, as technology now allows us to be more proactive when searching for products and services.  Inbound Marketing creates opportunities for your customers to find YOU.  Headlining the conference this year is Arianna Huffington as one of the keynote speakers and OneRepublic performing.  For more information please visit  Also, we recommend anyone involved in sales and marketing read the book Inbound Marketing by Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah.  

Blog Highlight:  Cloud or On-Premise EDI Integration:  A Unique Approach to Selection

Blog article describing a unique method to choosing EDI integration software. 

Organizations of every size are evaluating every piece of technology to determine whether they retain or expand solutions with on-premise software and hardware, or move the functionality up to the “Cloud.”

A major tile and masonry products supplier based in Los Angeles, CA, with dozens of stores across the US, had such a decision as they looked at their EDI operations.

This company was using Oracle JD Edwards for their ERP system, and they had decided to keep this system in house running on Oracle servers. While they had an enterprise-class ERP system, their revenues and therefore budgets were also still directly tied to a very tight home improvement market. Cost, delivery capability, control, and growth were constant considerations as they looked at IT resources. In order to stay in business, this company knew they had to expand their markets in big home improvement chains. And that made one choice an absolute must: find a new EDI integration system. Since JD Edwards typically uses staging tables for data integration, both on-premise and Cloud delivery models were...  read more. 

Liaison Delta 6.1 Released

Now included with the new build of Liaison Delta is the support of JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) as a new data model type.  JSON is being used to replace XML in a growing number of APIs.  JSON’s simplified, smaller scale structure is leading the way to more interactions between data sources.  Combined with ECS support of HTTP communication, this allows for support of RESTful services based upon the JSON data format.  Another new feature included in 6.1 is integrated support for ECS OpenAPI.  Liaison Delta can now be used to trigger ECS OpenAPI calls. ECS OpenAPI allows interaction with the ECS platform using REST-based web service calls.  Also newly added is sourceless mapping, which is the ability to specify that rules should fire even if the source data does not exist in the current source data set. This enables implementation of some powerful and complex mapping scenarios.  To see complete build notes, please check eService.  

What are Our Customers Saying About Us?

Our Tech Support staff, Dave and Kevin, are the unsung heroes of our team.  We can always count on them to jump in whenever and wherever they are needed.  This is never more apparent than when a customer has something nice to say about them.

"Just a few words of appreciation.  Such professionalism and eagerness to help while keeping in constant contact with me, it has been an experience and pleasure working with Kevin, who is a direct reflection of your company.  Mahalo and aloha."  - Island Adventures, Inc.

"Dave is always terrific and responsive.  Best EDI support ever." - Magic Caps

Technical Terminology Time

OpenAPI (Application Programming Interface) - An open API is essentially a set of rules dictating how two software components and/or web applications communicate with each other.  It typically meets three conditions: documented, accessible and free of charge.  OpenAPIs allow third party developers to use and integrate data across multiple applications in meaningful ways.  The protocols used for interacting with APIs are SOAP and REST, which we may revisit in a future newsletter.  As data integration and analysis becomes increasingly more important, the term OpenAPI may become as common as App is today! 

Summer Fun Facts


- The Eiffel Tower can grow up to six inches in summer because the iron expands in the hot sun.
- On average, Americans consume 5.5 gallons of ice cream annually.  
- The "Dog Days of Summer," named after the Dog Star (Sirius) in the constellation Canis Major, refers to the weeks between July 3rd and August 11th.
- Watermelon is actually a vegetable related to cucumber and squash.