Aurora EDI Alliance Press ~ Volume 2 Issue 4 ~ November 8, 2013

Welcome Note

Welcome to our fall newsletter of 2013. The Aurora EDI Alliance Press is a quarterly newsletter dedicated to current issues, events, education and newsworthy items surrounding both EDI technology and the Aurora EDI Alliance. We would welcome any feedback from our readers on how to improve it.  The Aurora EDI Alliance is a tightly knit group of U.S. companies and specializing in the implementation and maintenance of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) in a variety of industries.  We are recognized experts in EDI, and can provide consulting, system analysis, design, development and training services as well as software implementation services.

Inbound 2013 Highlights

Aurora Sales Manager, Shandra Locken, joined 5,000 other marketing professionals in Boston in late August for Inbound.  Inbound is Hubspot's annual marketing conference.  For those of you who haven't yet heard of Hubspot, they are a marketing automation company that is growing by leaps and bounds.  Some of Shandra's favorite highlights from the conference include seeing Arianna Huffington speak and learning about the importance of marketing to your existing customers.  The headlining music act this year was OneRepublic and they didn't disappoint.  We look forward to next year's conference, which due to exponential growth, is being moved to a larger venue.    

Customer Spotlight

Founded in 1997, Cerasis is a top freight logistics company and truckload freight broker. Their customers leverage a proprietary web-based TMS, the Cerasis Rater™, to ship LTL Freight, Truckload Freight, and small package freight. Their technology offers full integration and web services for seamless communication with both their shippers' technology and their carrier partners' technology to increase overall efficiency, and for increased savings. In addition to this freight technology, they offer full support to their shipper for both inbound and outbound freight routing through dedicated and integration freight management services. Learn more about Cerasis at and visit them on Twitter at and on Facebook at

Who is the Aurora EDI Alliance?

For the next few newsletters, we will be doing short bios on each member of the Alliance.  For this first one, we are featuring Faith Lamprey, President of Aurora Technologies/EDI Support.

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As a young girl growing up in Maine, Faith Lamprey knew at age seven that she wanted a career in computers, but she didn't get her start in technology until after first obtaining her MBA.  After stints at a public accounting firm and then a software development firm, she started teaching college classes. Eventually her former customers came calling, asking for her help with various projects.  She realized at some point that the number of projects amounted to more than a side job so she started hiring, and Aurora Technologies was born.

Faith attributes her success and popularity with clients to the fact that she and her team strive to fully understand a business problem and work to build an affordable solution.  Her customers consistently praise the Aurora consultants for being there for them and being able to provide a solution to their needs.  Faith is passionate about attention to detail and developing trusting relationships with her customers, "It is very satisfying when we can help a business run more efficiently and extend their e-commerce capabilities."  She does all this while continuing to teach college courses, which she loves AND in her spare time she also co-owns a publishing company that publishes a newspaper covering the British Car Club scene, which is one of her hobbies.

ECS 7.1.3003 and Delta 6.1.104 Released - A Few Big Surprises!

New builds have been released for both Liaison Delta and Liaison ECS.  The first bullet point may be very welcome news to those using MySQL.  Lots of changes and enhancements here folks! Kudos to Liaison Technologies for staying on the cutting edge and providing world class software.  Please feel free to email if you have any questions about these build updates.

• ECS and Delta now support MySQL as well as Microsoft SQL server, allowing customers a bit of flexibility when choosing their back end database. ECS Archiver and WebECS currently do not support MySQL, so those components will be unavailable.
• EDI can now natively be converted to XML (two available formats) via pipeline.
• XSL transformation pipeline has been added. This enables the conversion of XML to HTML. Run an EDI to XML pipeline in conjunction with an XSLT pipeline and watch as ugly EDI turns into nicely rendered HTML - no EDI Notepad needed here. 
• Map variables can now be set on ECS transformation/translation event rules passing them to Contivo/Delta respectively. This allows maps access to ECS meta data creating a powerful synergy between ECS and Liaison's mapping solutions.

Blog Highlight:  Three Reasons CEOs Need to Consider EDI Integration

Blog article discussing three reasons a CEO should consider data integration including automation of business processes and supply chain planning. 

As a CEO, why should I care about data integration?  Glad you asked.  A CEO’s job first and foremost is establishing and implementing a vision and direction for the organization that they lead.  In larger companies, they usually report to a Board of Directors and are accountable to them for the profitability of the organization. A good CEO must assess the external and internal business landscape to ensure more.

New Feature in Easy Trade

We have enhanced  our Easy Trade system!  In the past, we could only send the Low Balance Report (generated the first business day after the 15th) and Monthly Statements (generated the first business day after the end of the month) to the Primary contact on your account.  Now we can select which contact (or contacts) should receive these important reports.  Please contact if you would like to take advantage of this feature and change who will receive these reports.  If you do not wish to make any changes, then no action is needed and the Primary contact on your account will continue to receive these two reports.  Feel free to let us know if you have any questions about this new feature.  

Technical Terminology Time

Flat File - This is a term we used to hear a lot more in the EDI industry.  A flat file is a single dimension file that contains records with no structured relationships and does not link to other files.  The data may be separated by commas or tabs. A .CSV file or .TXT file are both perfect examples of a flat file. With the popularity of XML in recent years, the usage of flat files and the large data bases they are stored in, has declined in practice.  

Fall Fun Facts

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- The Harvest Moon is the full moon that occurs closest to the Autumnal Equinox and was on September 19th this year.
- The Autumnal Equinox signals the start of the spectacular light show known as the Aurora Borealis, otherwise known as the Northern Lights.  
- The tradition of wearing masks on Halloween comes from the ancient Celtic tradition of hiding from the spirits who roamed on Halloween.
- The average weight of a Thanksgiving turkey is 15 pounds.