Aurora EDI Alliance Press ~ Volume 3 Issue 3 ~ November 12, 2014

Welcome Note

Welcome to the fall newsletter of 2014. In case this is your first newsletter, if you'd like to read previous issues, you can find them on our website here.  The Aurora EDI Alliance Press is a quarterly newsletter dedicated to current issues, events, education and newsworthy items surrounding both EDI technology and the Aurora EDI Alliance. We would welcome any feedback from our readers on how to improve it.  The Aurora EDI Alliance is a tightly knit group of U.S. companies and specializes in the implementation and maintenance of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) in a variety of industries.  We are recognized experts in EDI, and can provide consulting, system analysis, design, development and training services as well as software implementation services.

Liaison Converge 2014


Photo appears courtesy of Robin Smith ofVirtual Logistics.

We recently had the opportunity to meet up in Santa Barbara with some of our fellow Liaison resellers.  What a fantastic and valuable meeting!  Liaison Technologies is proud of their channel partner program, which is very evident in the great time they showed us in Santa Barbara last month.  First of all, the event was held at a swanky place called, "The Hangar."  This is essentially a big man cave.  The main purpose of this place beyond office space and a beautiful bar, is to store very expensive collector cars - the kind that Barrett-Jackson auctions off for small fortunes.  

We couldn't touch the cars but they were stunning to see!  Our hotel was one block from the beach and the local wine tasting complete with charcuterie and cheese board was a nice touch.

The future of Liaison's partner program looks very bright.  They have seen how valuable we are to their bottom line.  In fact, our revenue, as a group, is up over 60% since 2012.  Not bad for a collection of small companies that loyally stood by through many changes and one acquisition.  We, as an Elite Liaison partner, couldn't be happier with where this program is going.  The "sweet spot" where we excel, is that we each have our levels of expertise with different ERP packages and types of integration projects.  This allows Liaison to offer the highest level of service to their clients.  It's a win-win for the reseller, Liaison and most of all, the client.  Liaison currently has five different partner programs.  More info can be found here:  Click the image below to watch a video which includes Faith Lamprey of Aurora Technologies talking about why we love working with Liaison.

  Liaison Partner Video

Customer Spotlight

The Stork® Ib2C, Inc., a Rinovum Women’s Health company, is focused on empowering couples to take fertility and intimate matters into their own hands.  The Stork® OTC home conception aid combines innovative technology with an established conception technique — cervical cap insemination– to help couples struggling to become pregnant. FDA-cleared applications for The Stork® OTC include common fertility difficulties attributed to both men and women, including low sperm count, low sperm motility, pH imbalances, and unexplained infertility. For the one-in-six couples and others who struggle to conceive a child, the announcement that The Stork® OTC conception aid is available over the counter is big news. Finally, an easy-to-use, home-use conception aid cleared by the FDA with no prescription required. More information and an instructional video can be found at

Who is the Aurora EDI Alliance?

For the next few newsletters, we will be doing short bios on each member of the Alliance.  For this one, we are featuring Warren Spiller, President of JRX Services in Atlanta, GA.

Warrren Spiller

Warren Spiller was living with his wife on the island of St. Thomas when he got his start in the technology field.  He and his wife moved there shortly after he graduated from the University of Florida to join his father and brother in a joint business venture.  Their company, a local food distributor, was the first company in all of St. Thomas to acquire and use a mini-computer.  Warren taught himself how to program it, and from then on, developing computer software became his passion and eventually, his career.  In 1976, Warren and his family moved to Atlanta, and founded Success Systems, Inc. (SSI).  

SSI developed ground-breaking industry-specific software applications including Order Processing & Validation, EDI, Marketing Tools, and Sales Analysis.  By the year 2000, SSI had grown from 2 to more than 40 employees and merged with a large publicly traded software company.  This left Warren in need of a new project, which is when he founded JRX Services.  Prior to the inception of JRX Services, his staff had the good fortune to work with the EDI software solutions offered by Softshare, Inc. (now Liaison Technologies).  They were so impressed with the quality of the EDI products, as well as the superior support, that the first action taken after forming JRX was to apply to become an Authorized Solutions Integrator for Softshare.  Now, as part of the Aurora EDI Alliance, JRX is still offering Softshare’s flagship products like the Liaison’s Delta/ECS software package.

The Aurora EDI Alliance is On Fire!

We are so excited to announce that we have closed SEVERAL Delta/ECS deals this year and expect more during fourth quarter.  We attribute our success to always doing what is best for our clients, providing them with the highest level of expertise, even if that expertise comes from a third party.  Below is a list of new clients who were sharp enough to choose the best EDI and data integration package on the market. 

Atlantic Packaging  Johnston Companies 
Cutter & Buck Milliken Millworks 
Incline Village General Improvement District
Independent Stationers   Speed Global Service
Intelligent Global Solutions Tower Labs

Blog Highlight:  Why Replace EDI Software with Liaison's Delta/ECS?

The EDI software installed routinely processes a majority of an organization’s business with their customers so it has to run reliably day in and day out as well as be easy to maintain.  One of our oldest customers, Nissin International Transport, has been using EDI since 1997 to exchange a variety of freight, invoice and customs documents with customers such as The Gap, Starbucks and Sharp Electronics. Nissin is a major Oracle shop with their core servers being HP UNIX based.

Nissin started out with the old Inovis UNIX EDI translator which originally came from Premenos. They were also using the GEIS (predecessor to GXS and Open Text) VAN.  The original more.

Technical Terminology Time

Qualifer - Many of you may have noticed that your EDI ID looks something like this:  ZZ/01234.  The qualifier (ZZ in the previous example) is a two digit number (or letters) that indicates what the EDI ID refers to.  For example, if the qualifier is ZZ (as is often the case), then that means the ID is a mutually agreed upon number (such as an account number).  If the qualifier is 12, then that means that the ID is a phone number. According to one source found, EDI X12 version 4010 includes 36 different recognized qualifiers.  

Fall Fun Facts


Photo appears courtesy of Luke Jones.

- 90% of the pumpkins grown in the US are grown within a 90 mile radius of Peoria, IL.
- The current apple bobbing champion is Ashrita Furman, who bobbed 34 apples in one minute. 
- The traditional cornucopia's origin comes from the Greek myth of baby God Zeus having accidentally broken the Goddess Amalthea's horn, which provided nourishment.
- Black Friday is the busiest day of the year - if you're a plumber.