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EDI Budgeting Hacks

Technology Stack: Plant, Water, Prune

The 3 Rs of 2020: Musings of a B2B Survivor

B2B is Not Just EDI Anymore


Barnes & Noble Gains EDI Visibility and Further Enhances Vendor Relations with Syncrofy

Customer Service is the New Black

Who Survives to Fight Another Day? And Who Survives to Thrive in a New Way?

Best Practices for the Remote Worker

SBA Assistance

9 Ways Moving to the Cloud Can Drive Productivity for Distributors

EDI Alliance Year in Review

Five MORE Reasons to be Grateful for EDI Integration


Keeping Up with Changing E-Commerce Technology

EDI Academy Fall Schedule

Walmart for Business Shows B2B Aspirations and Google Builds a Retail Marketplace

The Back to School Supply Chain

The Future of Business Visibility: Introducing Syncrofy

Mindfulness at NEECOM

Are Your "Good" Customers Really All That Good?

If Your ERP Isn't Keeping Up, Your Operations Are At Risk

Using a 3PL to Keep Your Competitive Edge

Our Take on NAW's Message to Distributors to Disrupt Now: Just Do It

Evolutionary Data Development: Contivo and Alloy

The 5 Best ERP Twitter Feeds to Follow

Evolution of Data and the Data Engineer

EDI Architecture - Keep It Super Simple

'Twas the Night Before Christmas: An EDI Fairytale

EDI Alliance Biography Series: Lisa Crosley

Why is EDI Still Around?

B2B Growth Leads to New Adventures

Business Process Automation (BPA) - Where Do I Begin?

What are the Most Successful B2Cs Doing?

Dashboard Dreams

EDI Testing Challenges - Lessons Learned

EDI is 90% Political

What is Tableau Software and How Does it Relate to EDI?

The Definitive Guide to the Business Benefits of Digital Transformation

Change in EDI is the Only Constant

EDI Communications Using AS2 or VAN

5 Things Your Boss Wants to Know About Data Integration

Blockchain in the Supply Chain: Starting Blocks for Success

Prioritizing EDI Tasks


How Liaison’s Delta/ECS Solves Integration Challenges

Do You Know Your Customer's EDI Guidelines?

EDI Everywhere, Every Day, Who Knew...?

Happy Holidays from the Aurora EDI Alliance

The Cloud Crowd

Data Integration: A Buying Guide

Comparing ROI for Integrated Electronic Trading

Aurora EDI Alliance Biography Series: Jim Gonzalez

MSG Segment Should Not Equal "Fine Print"

The Back to School Supply Chain

EDI as a Leading Economic Indicator – It’s Getting Hot Out There

Too Many Cooks in the EDI Kitchen

EDI Application Upgrade: A Little Planning Goes a Long Way

Improving Your Business Processes: What Teaching College Has Taught Me

EDI + API = Supply Chain Success!

Pajama Day AKA Working From Home

EDI: Is It Working for You, or Are You Working for It?

TBT - The First Question is, "What is EDI Capable?"

What is HIPAA?  Complying and Reducing the Burden

Liaison's Alloy: Cloud Services Redefined

Aurora EDI Alliance Biography Series: GraceBlood

You Need the Luck o' the Irish with EDI

Electronic Trading Profiles for Fun and Profit

Why EDI is Like Community Theater

How EDI Helped Santa Deliver Presents This Christmas

5 Data Trends That Will Dominate 2017

'Twas the Night Before Christmas: An EDI Fairytale

Business Process Automation - What Is It and Do I Need It?

Aurora Team Biography Series: Shandra Locken

Five Reasons to be Grateful for EDI Integration

EDI Software...Red or Blue?

EDI and Halloween: 7 Reasons They are Closer Than You Think

Purchase Order Confirmation Rates: Navigating Amazon’s New Chargebacks

Aurora EDI Alliance's Greatest Hits Volume 3

McAna EDI Welcomes Michael Barnhouse

Why Your EDI Processes Should Be Automated

Improving Supply Chain Visibility

SHA-1 vs. SHA-2 Digital Certificates - What's All the Fuss About?

27 Years of EDI

Avoiding "Failure to Communicate" EDI Data

Planning for Disaster - Is Your EDI Department Prepared?

"Moneyball" B2B Integration

Documenting Your EDI Processes

The Smart Money on EDI

Aurora Biography Series: Kevin Klimek

My Logs Killed MySQL

Is Your Gentran Product No Longer Supported?

RFID in NFL Football – What Does this Have to Do with EDI?

Integration Trends Roundup for 2016

Looking at 3PLs?  Nine Questions to Ask

Tech Savvy Generation Z Entering the Workforce

The First Question is, "What is EDI Capable?"

'Twas the Night Before Christmas:  An EDI Fairytale

What Do Smooth Jazz and Efficient EDI Systems Have in Common?

WIIFM?  What's In It For Me?  Tales from an EDI Guru

Why We Love Liaison's Delta/ECS Data Integration Package

EDI and Halloween: 7 Reasons They're Closer Than You Think

What is an SDQ Purchase Order?

Grow, Succeed and Prosper with Today's Integration Tools

EDI Consulting: All in a Week's Work

The Need for Speed: Software, Hardware and Everything In Between

Five Common Mistakes When Setting Up an AS2 Connection

Who Wins the Popularity Contest? XML or JSON?

5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Integrate Your EDI

On-Premise, Hosted or Web-Based EDI – Which is the Right Fit?

GraceBlood LLC Joins the Aurora EDI Alliance Harnesses the Power of Delta/ECS

ComplyLink's Track & Trace: Granola Style

Wrangling 3PL EDI Documents

Integration Expertise a Must for Webstores

Aurora EDI Alliance's Greatest Hits Volume 2

Are Your EDI Maps Made of Straw, Wood or Brick?

What Wikipedia Won't Tell You About EDI

Aurora EDI Alliance Biography Series: Art Douglas

Aurora Team Biography Series: David Aird

EDI Processing Should be Nimble

Integration May Be Your 2015 Ticket to Success

New Year, New EDI System

Aurora Team Biography Series: Kim Zajehowski

EDI Lessons Learned

Five Reasons to be Grateful for EDI Integration

What to Expect from a Software Demo

EDI and Halloween: 7 Reasons They’re Closer than You Think

Liaison Converge 2014

Why Replace EDI Software with Liaison's Delta/ECS?

Aurora EDI Alliance Biography Series: Warren Spiller

The Trials and Tribulations of the EDI 852

The Next Generation of Technology Workers

Aurora Team Biography Series: Kristen Kearns

EDI 856 Demystified

July 4th EDI Fun

Common Misconceptions about On-Premise EDI Software

Aurora EDI Alliance Biography Series: Roger Curtis

5 Supply Chain Blogs You Should Be Following

Think You're Ready for Data Integration? Take this Quiz

EDI in Finance: A Brief History

Five Key Questions to Ask Your EDI Software Vendor

A CEO's Guide to Supplier Enablement

TUG Connects 2014: Perspectives from a Data Integration Vendor

Aurora EDI Alliance's Best Practices for Integration

Liaison Unveils Community Manager

Three Main Reasons Why ePayments are Not eVerywhere

EDI and Data Integration Resolutions for 2014

My Cyber Monday Woes

Payment Processing: The Case for Wine Part 2

EDI in Retail: A Brief History

Payment Processing: Why Checks Still Matter Part 1

Aurora EDI Alliance's Greatest Hits Volume 1

EDI and Halloween: 7 Reasons They’re Closer than You Think

Channel Partner Collaboration a Must for Integration Specialists

Aurora EDI Alliance Biography Series: David McAlister

Three Reasons CEOs Need to Consider Data Integration

Aurora EDI Alliance Biography Series: Faith Lamprey

The 4 + 1 Ways Software Maintenance Protects Your Business

Part 2: The "How To" Use Cases for JSON

Part 1: The What, Why and How of JSON for EDI Integration Specialists

Cloud or On-Premise EDI Integration? A Unique Approach to Selection

4 Steps in the Art of Data Analysis

EDI in Logistics: A Brief History

Who is the EDI Integration Corporation (EIC)?

EDI and the Internet of Things (IoT)

EDI in Healthcare: A Brief History

A Few Thoughts on Good EDI Support

Top 7 EDI Solution Considerations

Have You Been a Victim of Supplier Enablement?

EDI Integration for the SMB Sector

The Importance of Software Testing

EDI, Communication and Modern Convenience

♪♫ The Times & EDI Software, They Are a-Changin’ ♫♪

Top Ten Considerations for Integration Solutions

Target Canada EDI Implementation

'Twas the Night Before Christmas: An EDI Fairytale

Why You Should Upgrade Your EDI Software

Five Reasons to be Grateful for EDI Integration

EDI Software Installation: Pain and Suffering

What Do We Want from Our EDI Providers?

EDI Software...Red or Blue?

EDI Integration: To Be or Not To Be

Web EDI in a Mobile World

Are You EDI Capable? Are You EDI Efficient?

Top Five EDI Solution Blunders

Doing EDI with

History of EDI Technology

Importance of EDI in the Supply Chain

What Makes a Good EDI Provider?

What is a UCC 128 Label?

Top Ten Benefits of EDI

WebEDI: A Good Starting Point

The Case for EDI Hosting

What's Happening Inside Your EDI Translation Software?

EDI Training...Do You Need It? And Where Can You Get It?

The Danger of Low Cost EDI Solutions

Technology Resource Backup Plan

Living in an eWorld!

The First Question is, "What is EDI Capable?"

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