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Is EDI Dead?

Wed, Jan 18, 2012 @ 03:26 PM / by Faith Lamprey

Ten years ago a lot of people asked the question, "Is EDI dead?" They wondered if EDI would be replaced by something better.  Well, that has not happened!  Most of our customers continue to add more trading partners to their EDI workflow process, not only because their customers or vendors require it, but because that piece of the business process has better edits and is more streamlined and automated than any other process.  In fact, many companies utilize the EDI workflow process for data coming in from websites for the same reasons.

Is EDI Dead?However, more has changed over those ten years than the increase in volume of documents that are sent through EDI.  There have been significant EDI enhancements on the communication side.  Gone are the days of sending and receiving EDI over a bi-synchronous dial up connection (thank goodness!).  We now can transmit securely using an HTTP protocol.  We also now have the AS2 technology that allows trading partners to connect directly.  Other data formats, such as XML and cXML are being used as well.  Most EDI software packages include EDI enhancements to handle these new transport techniques and data formats.  

Another change is that the use of EDI is now mandated by the HIPAA legislation.  Not only is its use mandated, but the specific version of the EDI Standard to be used is also written into the EDI HIPAA law.

So I would contend that not only is EDI not dead, but that it is constantly being enhanced with new technologies for transport and data transformation and being used extensively in most of the industries in the US and around the globe. 

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Faith Lamprey

Written by Faith Lamprey

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