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Walmart EDI: What Suppliers Need to Know

Thu, Apr 26, 2012 @ 07:27 PM / by Shandra Locken

Walmart EDIIn spite of a still fragile economy, Walmart continues to thrive, open new stores, and add more suppliers.  But I would say at least half of my clients who need to be Walmart EDI capable are unclear on both the EDI specific requirements, as well as general supplier requirements.  So, if you are looking into becoming a Walmart approved vendor, here are some basics:

1. To be an approved Walmart supplier, you must be EDI capable and AS2 communication is still required to transmit EDI transactions to and from Walmart.  Also, contrary to popular belief, Drummond certification is no longer required.

2. Walmart requires their suppliers to be 100% synched and to provide accurate data through GDSN (Global Data Synchronization Network).  As of this writing, Walmart offers free workshops to help their suppliers with this requirement and most EDI providers can walk you through GDSN compliance as well.

3. Walmart requires security source tagging in order to reduce shrinkage.  Security source tagging is the practice of incorportating disposable anti-theft labels at the manufacturing, packaging or distribution level.  According to, "All products must be certified, prior to tagging, by an authorized Source Tagging Lab."

4. Walmart now accepts regional only suppliers.  It's not uncommon now to find locally grown produce at Walmart stores!  If you are interested in supplying to your local Walmart, see the store manager for details.  

5. You must have a D&B risk rating of less than 7 to be considered by Walmart.

For more details on what it takes to become an approved Walmart supplier, please see

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Shandra Locken

Written by Shandra Locken

Shandra is the Director of Client Success & Marketing for GraceBlood LLC.

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