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EDI Professionals Help Define Scope for EDI Projects

Fri, May 04, 2012 @ 11:07 AM / by Shandra Locken

Today's blog was written by David McAlister from McAna EDI.

Who wants to go to the doctor?  We all fight going.  Some believe that nature will just take care of our concerns.  Others refuse or are reluctant because of a bad experience.  But when you do need to go, would you go to a cardiologist for a headache?  Are you using appropriate resources when it comes to your EDI projects?

EDI consultantsThere are many things to consider when looking for an integration solution.  So many questions.  Should you pick the least expensive?  Should you consider the future?  Can you afford to consider the future?  Can you afford not to?  What a whirlwind of decisions to make! Moreover, as an EDI consultant, I am always amazed at the corporations' desire to maintain the bottom line and the lengths they will go to save money.  Have you considered though that with that strategy you may be spending for your short-term savings and not investing in your future?  This is an age old challenge at home that we shadow in our work environment. It is through these exchanges that I am able to help my clients decide what the best solution is. 

A perfect example is a company to whom I have been providing EDI consulting.  They need to choose an EDI system for their new ERP system.  Due to a lack of upfront planning, the cost of the ERP system was far more than they expected.  As I understood it, the ERP sales folks were vague in fully explaining all the costs and how the project would be implemented.  My client was under the impression that the ERP system had an EDI module.  Read the fine print, as they say.  I figured out pretty quickly that the "EDI module" is actually an EDI interface that only provides flat files in and out of the ERP system.  I have always believed that ERP folks are experts at what they do – Enterprise Resource Planning.  And EDI folks are experts at what they do – Electronic Data Interchange or integration between systems.  This situation just reinforces this belief.  The bottom line for my client is that it's going to cost them $15,000 to add a transaction that is not readily available via the EDI interface.  One transaction would nearly pay for the EDI translator and mapping tool!

So...learn from my client's challenges and consider speaking with an EDI consultant or integration solutions provider that will help you see outside of the box and give you a fresh look from the perspective of an EDI integration solution professional.  Leaving the EDI projects to the folks who construct the real world solutions every day allows you to focus on what YOU do best.  And with a comfortable relationship developed between you and an experienced EDI consultant, you will be well on your way to framing your future in order to guarantee your corporate success.

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Shandra Locken

Written by Shandra Locken

Shandra is the Director of Business Development for GraceBlood LLC.

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