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Fri, Feb 15, 2013 @ 12:27 PM / by Faith Lamprey

CommunicationModern conveniences are never more appreciated than when we are faced with historic weather.  As I write this Blizzard NEMO is starting to make itself known in the Northeast.  We are ready with jugs of drinking water, a tub full of water for other uses, plenty of batteries, and lots of wood inside ready for the wood stove and fireplace.  These types of storms always remind me how dependant we are on electricity.  A new item that has been added to our storm readiness list is to charge up all the devices…cell phones, iPads and laptops.  What used to be considered a luxury is now commonplace.  Communication with the outside world becomes so much more important and missed when it is no longer there.  
As long as our customers still have power, their computer systems will still receive their EDI documents and process them as far as they can go without needing human intervention.  But nothing will be shipped so the process stops at some point.  That accentuates the fact that we work as a team with our computer systems and we need each other to complete the cycle.  So despite the snow quickly accumulating in my driveway, I am very thankful we still have electricity so work can continue.  And if we do lose power, we have our mobile devices charged and ready.
How prepared are YOU for any sort of disaster, natural or otherwise?  Please share with us any comments you have.  We love learning new things from our readers!

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Faith Lamprey

Written by Faith Lamprey

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