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Aurora Team Biography Series: Kim Zajehowski

Fri, Dec 19, 2014 @ 02:12 PM / by Shandra Locken

2765623465_6150edb742_oPhoto appears courtesy of SharonaGott.  Next up in our Aurora Team Biography Series is Kim Zajehowski, Aurora's Manager of EDI Hosting.  Kim is one of our very talented EDI integration extraordinaires here at Aurora.  She helps me close leads like a superstar with her comprehensive yet easy to understand software demos.  I had the opportunity to ask her some questions and here is a little bit of what she had to say...

She graduated from Bryant College (Bryant University) with her Bachelors Degree of Science in CIS (Computer Information Systems) in 1988.  EDI came very early in her career because her employer had purchased some EDI training.  A quick learner, she was designated as the EDI Coordinator.  As the EDI coordinator, she became responsible for converting a PC based antiquated EDI server to an AS/400 based product known back then as Premenos EDI/400 (now TrustedLinki).  She supported any EDI upgrades and handled Walmart EDI requirements on a regular basis.  She helped design, program, test, and implement a new EDI front end process AND managed to add more trading partners along the way. During that time, she also went back to school to receive her MBA with a concentration in Computer Information Systems in 1992 from Bryant College (Bryant University).

Soon after, she found herself working as the EDI Manager for a pharmaceutical company in Massachusetts. In that role, she would soon lead an EDI initiative to migrate their antiquated PC system to a more robust iSeries TrustedLink product interfacing with Prism and JD Edwards. She was also involved in a software/hardware search for a companywide Internet solution and administering firewall restrictions.  Her longish commute was well worth it, as she loved working there. Alas, after being acquired by another company, the operation moved to Pennsylvania and Kim found herself searching for another opportunity that would allow her to be closer to her family.  She knew Faith (Aurora's President) from past NEMUG (New England Midrange User Group, the local iSeries User Group) meetings and presented her with a resume and credentials.  Faith decided it was a good match and she's been with Aurora ever since.  With 14 years of consulting behind her, she's had the opportunity to be involved in many different projects and has become a very well rounded consultant because of it.  Don't tell her this but we love her.

In our circle of colleagues and clients, Kim is known as the “EDI Queen” or “AS2 Queen” in our field.  She has a knack for understanding not only EDI, but connectivity from AS2, FTP, firewalls, PCs, and VPNs.  She also knows the PC side of things as well and has helped many friends out on PC related questions and training.  Kim considers herself a glorified geek in Aurora's kingdom.  Her clients would say that she is really good with connection issues and researching problems.  They would say that she works hard to solve their issues and is determined to figure things out.  Kim loves learning new things, applying what she has learning and sharing that knowledge with others.  She has a good work ethic, which I personally can attest to as she usually answers my myriad emails within a few minutes.  In addition to her day job, she also teaches part-time as an adjunct professor at a local college, which she really enjoys.  How does she find the time?

On a personal level, she of course loves spending time with her family.  Kim grew up in Rhode Island and still resides there - she says this is where her roots are.  A lover of the outdoors, Kim enjoys hiking, going to the mountains and visiting waterfalls.  She has fallen prey to the latest fitness craze - Zumba.  And she adores her son - going to amusements parks, building things with Legos and playing with their kittens are just a few of the things they enjoy doing together. She volunteers at her son's school for many events and class trips, as she likes being part of his world. Charities and causes that are close to her heart include anything having to do with animals (local shelters, ASCPA, Humane society, Animal Rescue League) as well as the American Cancer Society and Susan G. Komen.  She has lost several family members to the disease and prays for a cure.  When asked how she wants to be remembered, she says, "Good mom, good sense of humor, fun to be around, hard worker," in that order.

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Shandra Locken

Written by Shandra Locken

Shandra is the Director of Business Development for GraceBlood LLC.

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