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EDI Processing Should be Nimble

Mon, Feb 02, 2015 @ 11:59 AM / by Roger Curtis

Jack Be Nimble 2   WW Denslow   Project Gutenberg etext 18546Jack be nimble, Jack be quick, Jack jump over the candle stick. Jumping over the candle stick without extinguishing the flame from this famous 19th century nursery rhyme was just a form of fortune telling, sport and good luck. With EDI processing being the majority of a business’ important order transactions there is little room for fortune telling, sport or luck of any sort. The EDI software had better darn well be nimble to get the job done with today's demands for B2B e-business greater than ever. Not only do all major retailers require traditional X-12 or EDIFACT EDI today, but so many more business functions can now be performed with on-line and traditional companies supporting XML and JSON web service API’s (application program interface) services.

Just a very short list includes obtaining the best delivery and rate for freight shipments, booking and tracking UPS, FedEx or other carrier shipments, obtaining currency exchange rates and checking the accuracy of and correcting your mailing and shipping addresses. The Liaison Technologies’ Delta (data translation/mapping) and ECS (e-Commerce Server communications and data automation) software package is the most nimble out there, and it is incredibly reliable also. Any sort of application integration can be done:

  • EDI to Database – includes any database on any platform such as Oracle on UNIX/LINUX/SOLARIS 
  • EDI to Datafile - includes multi-record types, text/csv/tab/fixed field EDI to XML
  • EDI to HTML 
  • EDI to Web services/XML/JSON/SOAP/APIs/Punchouts and visa-versa or any combination thereof.  

Delta can execute any SQL command to interact with databases for lookup, append and update functions.  Many companies use Delta for data and application integration projects that have nothing to do with EDI just because of its simplicity and versatility.

ECS data automation and communications includes:

  • AS2/AS3 (encrypted secure EDI through the internet with no communications costs)
  • FTP/Secure FTPs/sFTP 
  • HTTP 
  • File transfer within your network LAN/WAN 
  • Job scheduling 
  • Archiving/Data Purge 
  • Data Exception and Error Notifications
  • Multi-server configurations for Load Balancing/Failed Server Fallover/Disaster Recovery/Dev,Test, Stage,Production environments with ECS Enterprise 

The list is long. The key point is that the Delta/ECS package is incredibly nimble to work with, reliable as a rock to process your data, and easy to use. Reduce time spent mapping, debugging and setting up new trading partners. Mapping with Delta can take 1/2 to 1/3 of the time compared to mapping with the other major data mapping software out there. The icing on the cake is that Delta/ECS costs much less than the other EDI packages as well, some of which aren't even being updated on a regular basis.  Liaison updates their software on a regular basis, based on real feedback from their customers and resellers.  Nimble indeed.

Click below to read a case study how the Aurora EDI Alliance helped Alimed, a medical supply company, to optimze their EDI processing using Delta/ECS.

Click Now for AliMed Case Study

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Roger Curtis

Written by Roger Curtis

Roger is the President and CEO of Sitcur.

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