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Liaison's Alloy: Cloud Services Redefined

Mon, Apr 17, 2017 @ 09:05 PM / by David McAlister

72758628_16e3e0eb24_m.jpgPhoto appears courtesy of Jason Pratt. Like everything in life, products evolve and services continue to be improved and refined.  Liaison is always on the cutting edge and their Alloy managed services is no exception.  As our phones have evolved into watches, calendars, alarm clocks and many other things, Alloy has done the same for data integration.  According to Ovum ICT Enterprise Insights 2016, Ovum places Liaison as one of the strongest players with state-of-the-art cloud solutions poised for growth in the near future.  This Ovum survey states that only a 1/4 of companies (excluding small companies) have strategic long term investments in their B2B integrations.  Liaison’s efforts with Alloy have served to provide a white glove, top-notch service to support Cloud computing with a unified platform and end-to-end compliance.

Alloy is an integration and data managed service (or SaaS) platform able to satisfy any Cloud or on-premise solution regardless of being legacy.  According to Ovum’s estimates, "resource-related costs can account for up to 60% of the total cost of ownership (TCO) for a legacy EDI solution.”  Alloy not only provides a communication hub, but can accept and send any format such as XML, JSON, Soap Rest or EDI.  Furthermore, Alloy is a more cost effective solution over SAP’s PI and Tibco.  Companies like IBM or Mule Soft typically don’t know the other side when it comes to integrating and each solution has their own proprietary technology.  In plain English, no one is speaking the same language.  Liaison, with their outstanding resources, are able to provide technical expertise in all these areas.  Alloy provides secure and compliant connectivity from one system to the next using a technology agnostic solution that is data centric.  Security within Alloy is bar none in the industry to support tedious HIPAA and PII (personally identifiable information) requirements.  With all that on top of Liaison’s white-glove support service, you will find Alloy to be your solution of choice.

For many of us it is time to send that old alarm clock or calculator to Goodwill and make the move to Alloy.  Don’t take my word for it.  Do your own research by reviewing Ovum's Market Landscape:  B2B Integration Managed Services Providers, 2016-2017.   Liaison’s Alloy is the only provider in the survey that met 100 percent criteria in all categories of review:  Core Integration and Associated Capabilities, Trading Partner Community Management, Monitoring and Analytics, Service Delivery and Management, and Deployment Flexibility and Security Capabilities.

Take a few moments and review Alloy at these links:

And reach out to us as Authorized Solutions Integrators (ASI’s) to guide you through the process of coming into the new age of technology using Alloy.

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David McAlister

Written by David McAlister

David is the owner and President of McAna EDI, Inc.

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