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What are the Most Successful B2Cs Doing?

Fri, Sep 21, 2018 @ 06:17 PM / by Shandra Locken posted in data integration, automation, amazon, Walmart, smb, B2C


Photo appears courtesy of Mike MozartThis blog was written by Aurora EDI Alliance partner, Jim Gonzalez.  This is a question all companies should be asking themselves as we are moving in the direction of purchasing all goods online through mobile devices.  How often do you go to the store to pick up something you ordered online? Grocery stores are moving to ordering online with the local store delivering to your home. Some stores - Walmart and Target come to mind - allow you to order online and pick up at the local store to save on shipping.  This is due to Walmart and other major entities moving into other sectors they weren’t historically known for. Walmart was the go-to retail store for discount items just a decade ago. Now they are pushing to also be your discount everything from tires to iPads to tomatoes, and even offer additional discounts for ordering online with store pick-up. To further meet consumer demand, they are offering more items that are either organic or sourced sustainably or both.  Think about it, if you stay stagnant, you will quickly become irrelevant in today’s competitive environment.

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