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EDI Budgeting Hacks

Mon, Oct 04, 2021 @ 04:11 PM / by Shandra Locken posted in EDI Technology, EDI Budget, EDI Project Planning


Now is the time of year when EDI managers start looking at what’s left in the current budget and what projects can be set aside for next year.  With spending being on a hiatus in the early uncertain days of 2021, many companies have unspent money in their IT budget.  Perhaps you have a big project scheduled in early 2022 but not enough capital in the 2021 budget to cover it.  If you play it smart, you can sometimes include both fiscal years for these bigger projects and come out looking like a rock star to your CFO.  Take company Random Client from Anywhere, USA who wants to implement a mid-5 figure Enterprise level integration platform that includes scale-out processing and failover.  They don’t want the entire cost to come from neither 2021 nor 2022.  Simple – I advised him to buy the software licenses now, which can be installed at a later date, and we can bill them for Professional Services whenever they are ready in 2022.  This is the simplest way to split your project between two different fiscal years and is a scenario we see often.

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