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What is HIPAA?  Complying and Reducing the Burden

Fri, Apr 21, 2017 @ 04:12 PM / by Shandra Locken posted in data integration, data security, cloud, cloud computing, SaaS, Managed Services, HIPAA


Reprinted with permission from Liaison Technolgies.  Written by Hmong Vang, Chief Trust Officer for Liaison Technologes.  The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) was an amendment to the Internal Revenue Code of 1986.  And while it was enacted primarily to ensure portability and continuity of health insurance coverage and improving the exchange of health information electronically, it also was intended to protect a patient’s protected health information (PHI) which includes health status or condition, medical history, insurance coverage, payment for health care, and other data that a healthcare provider or other covered entities collect in order to provide the proper care.

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