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B2B is Not Just EDI Anymore

Tue, Oct 13, 2020 @ 08:30 AM / by Shandra Locken posted in data transformation, supplier enablement, API, EDI solution


Photo credit: Lisa Tozzi.  One topic around here that we have been discussing is whether our clients truly know the extent of our capabilities.  I think they all know that we can do old-fashioned vanilla EDI but many do not know that we can also do pistachio and rum raisin, too!  And by "pistachio" I am talking about some of the remarkable services available to our clients they may not be taking advantage of, like direct-connections to trading partners or their ERP via APIs, EDI dashboards, inventory feeds and the list goes on. In other words, we don't just do EDI, we meet our clients' B2B integration needs with unique and industry leading solutions.

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Electronic Trading Profiles for Fun and Profit

Mon, Feb 27, 2017 @ 07:26 PM / by Shandra Locken posted in e-commerce, supply chain, technology, EDI ROI, EDI onboarding, supplier enablement, automation


Photo appears courtesy of This blog was written by Karen Blood of GraceBlood LLC out of Baltimore, a member of the Aurora EDI Alliance.  You have a website, perhaps a line card, business cards, other collateral for your business, yes? And you have or soon will have the capability to exchange business documents with customers, suppliers or other trading partners via EDI or other ways that significantly reduce the time spent by your most valuable asset, your people, as they handle daily business transactions. This new capability also improves accuracy, decreases cycle times and improves relationships with those same trading partners. You may have made a significant investment in dollars and experience to get to this point. You may have had to do it at the behest of a single significant trading partner. Well, that was the hard part and now you have an important new tool! One of the easiest ways to increase your return on that investment and increase your business’s profit is to add more trading partners or business documents.

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Liaison Converge 2014

Fri, Oct 10, 2014 @ 01:25 PM / by Shandra Locken posted in EDI integration, EDI software, data integration, supplier enablement, Liaison Delta/ECS


We recently had the opportunity to meet up in Santa Barbara with some of our fellow Liaison resellers.  What a fantastic and valuable meeting!  Read on for some of the key take aways for the coming year.

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A CEO's Guide to Supplier Enablement

Fri, Mar 28, 2014 @ 01:02 PM / by Shandra Locken posted in data integration, supply chain, benefits of EDI, EDI Implementation, EDI onboarding, supplier enablement


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Liaison Unveils Community Manager

Fri, Feb 21, 2014 @ 11:04 AM / by Shandra Locken posted in supply chain, EDI compliant, EDI onboarding, SaaS, supplier enablement, Web EDI

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Photo appears courtesy of Sarah Ackerman. Supplier enablement just got a heck of a lot more fun with the unveiling of Liaison Technologies’ Community Manager.  As a hub organization, can you imagine being able to see what's happening with your trading partner community at a glance? Liaison Technologies, always on the cutting edge of integration and supply chain solutions, has created a tool for hubs to manage their community from one convenient place.  Community Manager uses a Software as a Service (SaaS) approach to allow hubs to monitor and manage their customer/supplier enablement programs.

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Aurora EDI Alliance's Greatest Hits Volume 1

Fri, Nov 08, 2013 @ 11:07 AM / by Shandra Locken posted in EDI Technology, EDI considerations, EDI software, EDI Implementation, EDI options, EDI education, supplier enablement, RFID tagging


Photo appears courtesy of Phillip Pessar.  After two years of blogging, we feel that we have earned the right (unlike some top 40 artists out there) to put together a Greatest Hits of our most popular blogs. This list of ten blogs is a countdown to the most viewed blog article on our site.  The list might surprise certainly surprised us!

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Cloud or On-Premise EDI Integration? A Unique Approach to Selection

Thu, Jul 18, 2013 @ 05:50 PM / by Shandra Locken posted in EDI integration, data integration, cloud, enterprise resource planning, cloud computing, electronic data interchange, supplier enablement, JD Edwards, Web EDI


Guest blogging for the Aurora EDI Alliance today is Nathan Camp of Liaison Technologies.  Photo courtesy of Mikhail Koninin.

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