Liaison and the Aurora EDI Alliance are Excited to Unveil New Versions of Both Delta and ECS

This robust middleware suite has been around since 1999, and is now being modernized to fit ever-growing businesses. The new versions of Delta and ECS were created for improved performance, extensibility and versatility.

We've highlighted some of the enhancements that you can look forward to in the next generation of Delta and ECS. However, we can’t wait to announce the best part: If you upgrade to Delta 6.0 and ECS 7.0, and retain maintenance, this will be the last upgrade you will ever have to purchase!*

This table highlights some of the major features in Delta 6.0

64-bit support The added support of a 64–bit system will modernize the stack and ensure seamless support.
Windows support Delta 6.0 is optimized for newer operating systems including Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 and beyond. Microsoft SQL Server 2012 is also now supported. 
Multibyte (MBCS) data support  Delta 6.0 can now process and map data encoded in almost any character set, including wide character languages such as Russian and Chinese.
Large XML file size support Delta 6.0 offers amplified performance in mapping large XML file input.
Map testing interface  New improvements including the ability for users to see current values, inline with rulesets, within maps while debugging and testing. 
Database testing Delta 6.0 boosts productivity when testing database target maps, through the new option to write data as CSV files instead of mapping to the database.
Built-in functions Delta 6.0 has new functions including BatchComment() and XMLGetResult().
UI interface The 6.0 upgrade will have added themes and other UI elements for a customized look and feel.

This table lists several features ECS 7.0 offers

ECS Cloud connector  The ECS Cloud Connector, available in the Enterprise edition, enables extensibility by way of generating lightweight Java objects that can be deployed anywhere, allowing ECS the ability to send and receive data across firewalls. 
Open API ECS now offers an open RESTful API, allowing access to various business functions in ECS through data. Some of the operations supported include trading partner management and ECS monitoring.
Security groups The ECS upgrade allows control over what users can see and access.
Multibyte (MBCS) data support ECS 7.0 can now process data encoded in almost any character set, including wide character languages such as Russian and Chinese.
Exception handling There is also a robust set of exception features, such as alerts on unhandled exceptions.
Digital certificate management ECS includes enhanced support for certificate management, such as for CRLs.
Workflows Visibility is enhanced for event rules on output channels. Event rule handling can now be added to scheduled items.
Diagnostics ECS 7.0 offers a new network connectivity utility to test. There is also an improved installer. 
Database support Microsoft SQL Server 2012 is now supported.
Usability The ECS client utilities have been enhanced for an improved overall user experience.
Delta pipline With the 7.0 upgrade, Delta can run a translation map natively as a pipeline event. This allows advanced data manipulation to occur before data hits the repository.