Why Aurora EDI Alliance for Your EDI Solution?

With over 25 years of EDI experience, the Aurora EDI Alliance is recognized as an EDI solutions expert in the EDI consulting business.  We specialize in EDI implementation and EDI processing support for small to medium sized businesses, utilizing state of the art EDI communication and translation software provided by Liaison Technologies and other partners.

As EDI consulting specialists, we will set you up with an EDI solution that meets your needs and budget.  From a low-cost solution that meets the basic requirements of your trading partners and keeps you “in the game,” to a completely “hands-off” EDI solution that will automatically send and receive EDI documents and integrate them into and out of your accounting software.  We can reduce the time, effort, cost, and inaccuracy of manual data entry.

If you are thinking about becoming EDI compliant, Aurora EDI Alliance will take you through the process step by step, painlessly and economically, whether or not your staff has any EDI experience at all.

  • We work with you to determine your specific needs regarding sending, receiving, and integrating EDI into your application software.
  • Leveraging our extensive experience with hundreds of companies in multiple industries, we work directly with your trading partners to ensure you are meeting their needs and they are meeting yours.
  • We install all software, test communications lines and provide mapping services.
  • Through our partnerships, we have a solid foundation of experience and knowledge on a variety of EDI solutions and software packages to get the appropriate data to and from your application files.
  • We fully train your staff and provide ongoing customized support services. 

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