Barcode Labels

If your customer is requesting Advance Ship Notices (ASN), chances are they will also ask you to provide UCC-128 barcode labels.  Luckily, this is a very simple component to add to any EDI solution.  Most good Web EDI programs can generate barcode labels, based on the information contained in the ASN, and they can just be printed with a laser printer.  If you have an in-house software solution, you will need a barcode software program and a thermal printer.  Most barcode software and thermal printers require a nominal investment.  As with any software or hardware, the more sophisticated the technology, the bigger the investment. 

The exact specifications vary by company, but in general they look like this: 


The purpose of UCC-128 label is to let your customer know what is in a carton.  When the receiving department scans the barcoded carton label, it automatically refers back to the Advance Ship Notice they have already received, thus confirming receipt of the package, carton, pallet, etc.  The information on these carton labels must match the data on the Advance Ship Notice.  The package barcode (at the bottom of the label) must be a unique (usually 22 digit) number, and this number must appear on the Advance Ship Notice. 

This technology allows the supply chain to run much more smoothly by automating the shipping piece of the process.  It results in less paper, less human error and ultimately more profit for all parties involved.  Are you looking for a barcode label solution?  The Aurora EDI Alliance will look at your current EDI process and help you choose the best option for your requirements.