Hosted EDI Services & Web EDI

Web EDI and/or Hosted EDI services are two of the most cost effective and simple ways for small to medium companies to become EDI compliant.  Good Web-based EDI systems generally have a user friendly interface and are accessible via any computer with an Internet connection. 

The best Web-based EDI systems offer features that include:  

  • Easy addition of Trading Partners
  • Effortless generation of UCC-128 bar codes
  • Uncomplicated reporting capabilities

For companies interested in EDI outsourcing, hosted EDI services offers a hands off option for those companies that have no technical staff or those that simply want it handled for them.  Every aspect of the EDI process is managed and monitored, from developing the mapping according to your trading partner’s specifications to coordinating communications between you and your trading partner.  Testing of your documents is performed and all of your transactions are monitored once you are live with your trading partners. 

Ask the Aurora EDI Alliance how you can become EDI compliant with Web EDI or our Hosted EDI services...all of your EDI needs taken care of with one simple solution.