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October 5, 2020

GraceBlood, a leading provider of EDI & B2B integration solutions since 2003 has acquired California-based Sitcur, a provider of e-Business solutions to companies throughout North America for nearly three decades. Roger Curtis, President & CEO of Sitcur explains, “Having worked closely with GraceBlood for many years as part of the EDI Alliance, it made sense for us to combine our strengths to form an even stronger team to deliver B2B solutions to our progressive-minded clients." Brian Blood, Managing Partner of GraceBlood comments, “We’ve always enjoyed working with Sitcur and are excited to take this next step to add to the great family of GraceBlood clients."  For more information, please contact Shandra Locken,

Our Mission & Vision: 

GraceBlood delivers services and systems for distributors and manufacturers to profitably and cooperatively manage their daily business transactions with customers, suppliers and third parties.

Our clients, our associates and GraceBlood profit from our clients' ability to strategically embrace B2B electronic transactions and to enthusiastically say "Yes!" when presented with new challenges in their trading partner relationships.

Your Questions:
  • Can you help me deal with customer ABC who demands EDI-compliance? Yesterday?
  • How do we leverage our electronic trading to get the highest possible return on investment?
  • Wouldn't it be great to not have to re-key orders/shipping/invoices, ever?
  • What about my suppliers - shouldn't they be able to do business with me more efficiently?
  • How can I see what's going on with my electronic trading activity without asking IT?
  • How can I keep up with all these new ways of trading? XML? Web-services? Omni-channel? whatever is next?
  • The only person in our company who deals with EDI is retiring. Can you help us?

Our Answers:


  • EDI/B2B trading Implementation, on your premises or ours, on your licenses or ours
  • Integration including Transport, Transmission, Translation, Transformation, Testing
  • Non-integrated Document Delivery
  • Trading Partner Coordination, Recruitment, Management
  • Managed Services aka outsourcing so you can focus on your core business or cover an operator's absence
  • Training for self-service, from daily operations to bringing it all in-house
  • A migration path from Managed Services to in-house should that become a better option
  • Leading representative for OpenText + Liaison including ECS & Delta
  • Leveraging industry leading platforms for integration and transformation
  • The nation's first reseller for CoEnterprise's Syncrofy Business Visibility Solution
  • Legacy & Release Upgrades
  • Platform Migration

Our Strengths:

  • Real world supply-chain experience second to none
  • Deep process expertise to uncover and support your unique requirements
  • Broad ERP integration success with thousands of trading partners
  • Industry leading client satisfaction ratings
  • We work behind the scenes to allow you to do what you do best to maintain and build your competitive advantage without getting bogged down in the intricacies of day-to-day electronic trading.