B2B Integration

The biggest challenge in integration is to get the appropriate data to and from your application files in an accurate and timely basis.  We have extensive experience in this area having worked with and inside all the most popular application software packages as well as many custom, legacy systems.

Software and Implementation

We can assist in the selection and implementation of EDI and B2B software.  This includes installation, coordinating with your trading partners and establishing reliable and complete translation and transport for data.  If you have EDI or B2B software already installed, we can assist with upgrades, new communications requirements and adding partners or trading capacity.
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Managed Services

Managed Services or outsourcing is offered in two flavors - we can provide on our servers and software licenses, or on yours. We even offer a migration path from our systems to yours should that become a better option. Managed Services is an ideal pay-as-needed approach for meeting trading partner demands efficiently while avoiding hefty initial and long-term maintenance investments in software, systems and labor. It is especially well-suited for companies in the midst of new ERP implementations.


Low-cost web EDI is well suited for the EDI needs of a small company or to try out a trading relationship.  There’s no software to install; EDI trading can be established quickly with the user-friendly interface and convenient reply-to feature.

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