Nimble Data Architecture: What 'Getting Integration Right' Can Do for Your Business

The Nimble Data Architecture whitepaper comes to us from our friends at Liaison Technologies. "Do you and your IT staff have a clear picture of the abstract layer of your business and whether it is contributing to your overall performance?"  

In this whitepaper, Liaison's architects will discuss:

  • executive and IT management can get and maintain control of their company’s data
    architecture to help meet business objectives.

  • ...the relationship between data integration projects and data architecture concepts and practices.
  • the business planning and IT development processes that direct and leverage data integration projects depend on tooling.

  • ...breakthrough ways in which data architects, business analysts, programmers, and business users can collaborate to address their organization’s pressing business challenges.

Liaison explains how data architecture can either help you or hurt you.  Download this whitepaper for details.