EDI/Enterprise Application Integration

If you need ERP integration, we have extensive experience and expertise with data integration architecture for the list on the left as well as the packages below.

Infor aplusWe have extensive expertise with the Infor A+ software product.  Our Infor A+ (APLUS) consultants are experts in the implementation of all modules, and have performed extensive enhancements and modifications to the software in order to satisfy specific customer business requirements.  We also have extensive experience in the distribution industry.  This combination of business knowledge, project management skill, software expertise, and technical ability helps ensure a successful Application Plus project no matter how large or small. 

Some of the critical areas in which we excel include:

Infor A+ (APLUS) EDI — We are a recognized expert in the implementation and support of Electronic Data Interchange software and systems, and as such have in-depth knowledge of the Infor APLUS EDI module and Infor A+ (APLUS) integration.  We have worked with traditional VAN EDI installations as well as AS2 implementations.  We have experience with many EDI software providers and have business relationships with proven A+ interfacing solutions such as Liaison and GXS.  We have worked with all existing Infor APLUS EDI transactions, and on a project basis have also enhanced the software to support advanced functionality such as Consolidated ASNs, Consolidated Invoices, VICS Bills-of-Lading, Point-of-Sale Transaction Reporting, and Electronic Fund Transfers via your financial institution and the ACU/CTX environment.

Application Plus Implementation — As Infor APLUS consultants, we can assist in the implementation of the entire suite of Application Plus modules, or in the addition of a new module to your existing system.  We are especially proficient with some of the more advanced Application Plus modules such as Inventory Management and Planning, Warehouse Management, Radio Frequency, Bill-of-Material, Value Added Services (Work Order), and International Currency. 

Application Plus Enhancements and Modifications — We provide programming services to companies on a project basis, to supplement your existing IT staff, or to provide outsourcing of your entire Application Plus IT requirement.  Based on the situation and requirements, we can provide services on-site or remotely as best meets your business need.  We can also provide project management and project design services as needed.

Application Plus Software Version Upgrades — Our Infor APLUS consultants will review your current environment to determine the impact of upgrading your Application Plus software to a new version or release.  We can provide a detailed estimate of the work necessary to reapply modifications, and can explain which modifications might become obsolete due to new Application Plus functionality.  Our consultants are proficient in RPG/ILE and RPG Free, which are requirements for installing the current version of the Application Plus product.

Application Plus System Review & Audit — Periodically it is advisable to review the status of your system to ensure you are “getting the most” out of Infor A+.  Frequently customers are not aware of seeded functionality that can positively impact their processes and capabilities.   We can also assess and address issues related to backup and recovery, documentation, adequate checks and balances, and appropriate fiscal and operational controls.

SouthwareThe Aurora EDI Alliance has extensive experience applying seamless EDI integration to SouthWare software. We also have expertise in the distribution industry. This combination of business knowledge, project management skill, software expertise, and technical ability helps ensure successful EDI integration with SouthWare.

SouthWare uses proprietary flat (text) file formats for importing and exporting data for EDI translation:

  • Purchase Orders
  • Sales Orders
  • Invoices

There are over 100 fields used in these flat files, so the thorough understanding and extensive experience that we have with them assures accurate and efficient EDI integration using Liaison ECS and Liaison Delta.

The most common inbound and outbound EDI transactions that we use with SouthWare are:

  • EDI Purchase Orders
  • EDI Purchase Order Acknowledgements
  • EDI Invoices
  • EDI Advanced Ship Notice

Example Inbound EDI Processingsouthware 2Example Outbound EDI Processingsouthware 1