EDI Implementation, Mapping and Training Services

Marketing Graphic 1EDI Implementation Services – If you are new to EDI, the Aurora EDI Alliance can assist in the EDI implementation of your chosen software.  This includes setting up and testing communication lines along with the installation of the software.  If you have EDI software already installed, we can assist you in installing current upgrades, of the software and utilization of EDI-INT (AS2) solutions.

EDI Mapping Assistance– Many of our customers use our experienced EDI consultants to provide EDI mapping assistance for incoming and outgoing documents, both existing and new. Transaction mapping, possible user file creation, and formal trading partner testing is required whenever a new trading partner is initiated, or when a new document/transaction set is added for an existing trading partner. 

The steps needed include:

  • Design and create user files if none exist for a new document.
  • Utilize trading partner documentation as a basis for mapping ERP data to User Files for outbound transmission via EDI software.
  • Utilize trading partner documentation as a basis for mapping inbound EDI transmissions to user files for inclusion in the ERP system.
  • Perform appropriate tests as specified by the trading partner to receive approval for new documents and document version upgrades.

Application Bridge Design for Integration – The biggest challenge in EDI is to get the appropriate data to and from your application files in an accurate and timely basis.  We have extensive experience in this area, and have worked with many application software packages and with custom, legacy systems.

EDI Training Services – The Aurora EDI Alliance works closely with the EDI software vendors and has sponsored local EDI training classroom education, and can also provide one-on-one or classroom training for in-house personnel.

EDI Software – The Aurora EDI Alliance is a Business Partner with GXS and Liaison Technologies and specializes in their EDI software.  Both companies offer premier data transformation software solutions for large, multinational organizations with thousands of electronically enabled trading partners to small companies just beginning an e-Commerce program. The software also has XML capabilities, allowing you to grow your community by trading with non-e-Commerce enabled partners as well.  See list on the left for other software packages we support.

With these software packages, you can:

  • Administer all transactions from one place
  • Bring new trading partners up with ease
  • Count on top reliability and performance
  • Leverage the power of the Internet
  • Enable non-e-commerce capable partners
  • Simplify your ERP integration

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Item Synchronization Implementation – Many companies, including Walmart and Lowe’s, are requiring their trading partners become GS1 compliant.  GS1 is an organization that provides a collaborative electronic commerce trading partner service that standardizes all product and trading partner information.  In order to become compliant, companies must send their data to an authorized data pool using XML via AS2 transport protocols.  Once the data has passed rigorous requirements, it needs to be synchronized with each trading partner’s data.

Our consultants have been trained by the Association of Global Standards Administrators (AGSA) in Item Synchronization implementation.  We provides assistance in planning and preparing for compliance, and choosing the appropriate software solution.  In addition, we can implement, enhance and provide ongoing support for your Item Synchronization project.  Contact us to discuss how we can assist you in registering your item data and to synchronize each item with your Trading Partners.