Hosted EDI Services

Marketing Graphic 3We have deployed the strengths of the Liaison Delta and ECS software to offer you a simple Hosted EDI solution.  We have a licensed version of the software residing on a secure dedicated server in the cloud.  We will manage every aspect of your EDI process, from developing the mapping according to your trading partner’s specifications to coordinating communications with you and your trading partner.  This Hosted EDI solution performs testing of your documents and will monitor all of your transactions once you are live with your trading partners.  We pass the data to/from your system to our server with FTP or secure FTP.  We can control the pushing and pulling of the data, or your IT can control that—it is your choice.  If you need third party EDI hosting as a temporary solution until your company is ready to have in house software, all the maps we have developed for you can be transported to your system once you purchase the Liaison Delta and ECS software. 

The security of your business data is a primary concern at the Aurora EDI Alliance.  The datacenter we selected to host our server has addressed the security concerns of our Hosted EDI solution customers, from the physical security of the datacenter, to the internal controls, and even their hiring practices. One of the best methods to protect your critical data is to be sure there are always reliable backups.  All services and data for our third party EDI hosting are located on our dedicated server and are backed up daily.  Network availability and uptime is also a key attribute for any quality server provider, and our provider has two full tier 1 carriers utilized at levels far below their peak thresholds, which feeds into the fully redundant network infrastructures, allowing for a complete and immediate switchover if one of the carriers became unavailable for any reason.  They also employ redundant power supplies to the network and datacenter operations to ensure access and processing is available even during a power outage.  They use top‐of‐the‐line uninterruptible power supply systems for protection against power spikes and outages, and multiple 2 Mw Caterpillar diesel generators allow them to function at full capacity for an indefinite period of time.

Our provider’s datacenter can only be accessed by authorized staff with proper keycard, touch pad, and retinal scanning clearance, and well as passage through a bullet‐proof, weight sensitive man‐trap booth, so that only those employees requiring access to our servers are granted access.  They also utilize manned, third‐party security staff at all times, 24X7X365, and a state‐of‐ the‐art video surveillance system.  These security measures are critical to any third party EDI hosting solution.  The datacenter is located in Scottsdale, Arizona, a geographical area that features a highly stable climate and is nearly free from all natural disaster threats, such as earthquakes, tornados, hurricanes, and landslides.  Scottsdale also ranks low among large cities as a target of terrorist or malicious activity. 


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