Liaison Technologies Delta Software

The open architecture of Liaison Technologies’ Delta software lets you easily create just about any integration solution possible.  Whether you want to integrate Liaison Delta with standard ANSI X12 EDI documents with any internal database, connect an on-line shopping cart or credit card processing with your order accounting system, convert accounting files into XML invoices, load inventory into an on-line Web catalog, or schedule FedEx or UPS shipping via Web service requests, the Delta software package has all the tools you need to integrate your business graphic

A reliable universal data translator, the Delta software not only supports international EDI standards (X12, EDIFACT and TRADACOMS), but a variety of other data formats as well including data (flat) files, database tables, and XML. Delta also supports mapping to free-form text formats and HTML to generate e-mail reports and web postings. Delta is very flexible and easy to use taking much less time to develop and test data maps when compared to other available software tools.

Because the Delta software is an any format to any format mapper, not only are you able to integrate Liaison Delta with all incoming and outgoing e-commerce documents and data with your internal applications, but you are also able to integrate between your internal applications. When Delta is paired with Liaison ECS (e-Commerce Communications Server) software, you have an enterprise application integration (EAI) solution capable of coordinating the many diverse applications, databases, and e-commerce formats found across your enterprise.

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