Liaison Technologies ECS

Liaison Technologies’ ECS is your e-Commerce server capable of handling all enterprise EDI and B2B functions.  ECS handles B2B communications by connecting customers, suppliers and logistics trading partners with your internal systems into one seamless cohesive operation. At the heart of ECS is its ability to route and process data using today’s secure Internet communications protocols. This core function happens at the server level, where ECS runs as a background service without the need for user intervention.

ECS Graphic

The ECS Data Administrator module acts as a user dashboard for clients to view inbound and outbound data and electronic business documents as well as the results of processing. The ECS Management Console is where all communication channels are set up, including enterprise file, FTP (secure and standard), AS2, pop3/SMTP and HTTP Post protocols.  A powerful e-commerce server, ECS passes documents to the Liaison Delta software when data format translation or transformation is required. An Exception Handling module automatically sends e-mail alerts to appropriate staff members for any data errors or processing failures, allowing for a proactive system rather than reactive.

ECS is a package that encompasses B2B communications, data automation and data archiving (warehousing) all wrapped into one.

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