Congratulations! Your Current Volume Demands a More Sophisticated Solution

On-premise EDI SoftwareWhen Hawaiian Agents, a Manufacturer's Representative and Warehouse Storage company realized they had grown out of their current EDI solution, they turned to Aurora EDI Alliance founding member, JRX Services, for help.  A well established company located in Kapolei, Hawaii, Hawaiian Agents knew they needed someone with expertise in both EDI software and SouthWare ERP software, which uses a unique file format to import and export PO and invoice data into and out of the database.  Since JRX had extensive experience with the SouthWare ERP package, they knew just what Hawaiian Agents needed to overcome their pain points.

Some of the EDI challenges Hawaiian Agents faced with their current solution included little flexibility, no documentation and too much manual manipulation.  When the cost per transaction was factored in, it was clear that Hawaiian Agents needed a complete EDI overhaul.  JRX immediately suggested the EDI software package, Liaison Delta and Liaison ECS, knowing that these would provide the flexibility and automation that Hawaiian Agents needed.  Having extensive experience with all three products Liaison Delta, Liaison ECS AND SouthWare, JRX was primed for success.

What came out of this project was full automation of EDI and barcode label procedures.  JRX instituted uniform standards for file formats, thus reducing development time and expense.  In addition, a supplementary database was developed to handle data and operations currently not available in the SouthWare ERP application.  Hawaiian Agents also now has all operational procedures properly documented.  All of this came with a substantial cost savings. 

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