Great News! Your Customer Wants You to be EDI Compliant

EDI Compliant

Print Media, a Miami based manufacturer of printing supplies and recording paper for all medical instruments, had virtually no EDI experience.  They were dealing with an ever increasing list of distributors and group purchasing organizations (GPOs) pressuring them to become EDI compliant with POs, invoices, ship notices and sales/rebate reports. They needed to integrate their complex pricing structure into EDI processing and inform customers immediately of changes on their POs. They also had a unique need to store data from inbound EDI sales/rebate reports from distributors formulti-purpose internal reporting, as well as for outbound EDI sales/rebate reports to GPOs. In addition, they wanted to be able to generate and send email and fax blasts for marketing purposes.

Print Media chose JRX Services, a founding member of the Aurora EDI Alliance, and Liaison Technologies to make them completely EDI-compliant.  JRX set about the task of analyzing each of Print Media’s requirements and installing Liaison ECS and Liaison Delta, establishing a line of communications with the trading partners and testing all EDI transactions.

In a few short weeks, Print Media went from having no EDI solution to communicating via EDI with distributors and GPOs with over 30,000 transactions annually. PO acknowledgements are now sent via EDI whenever a PO is received or changed and also sent via email or fax to non-EDI customers. Prices are updated daily and compared against the prices on inbound EDI POs and emails are generated notifying customer service if there is a discrepancy so the customer can be notified immediately. Since Print Media needed a way to store data from inbound/outbound EDI sales/rebate reports, JRX went outside the standard “EDI box,” and developed a unique and customized database.

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