Awesome! You're Adding Trading Partners & Realize On-Premise Software can Save You Money

EDI IntegrationTachikara, a sporting goods company located in northern Nevada, was using a third party EDI provider and knew they were going to be adding more trading partners in the near future.  After comparing the cost of data integration software versus continuing to use the third party provider, they realized on-premise software was going to be more cost effective in the long run.

The first order of business was to ask their ERP vendor, Multiport Services Corporation, for a recommendation.  After being referred to Aurora Technologies and being introduced to Liaison's Delta/ECS package, it was clear to Tachikara that this was the direction they needed to go.  Having no EDI or technology background, they knew they needed company who could not only sell them the software, but also manage it for them on a daily basis.  They report not even considering other software solutions, so impressed they were with both Aurora and Delta/ECS.

Tachikara says of Liaison's Delta/ECS, "Allows us to meet the demand of our current and new retail customers in the most efficient way as possible."  And of the Aurora staff they say, "The staff we work with is amazing.  As we are you could say, illiterate to the dealings with EDI we heavily rely on them."  Tachikara is a perfect example of knowing when it's time to embrace change in order to further your business objectives!

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