Great thinking! You have multiple solutions and are wondering if there is a more efficient way.

On-premise EDI Software

CD Ford, a lawn and garden company out of Illinois, was in a situation many organizations find themselves in - they were using multiple EDI solutions.  They knew what they were doing was inefficient so they seeked out the guidance of Aurora Technologies.  CD Ford offered the following regarding working with Aurora, "They have a “Hands On” easy to understand approach to EDI integration that worked well for a non-tech Company like ours."

CD Ford needed the expertise of a solution architect like the experts at Aurora AND a scalable and flexible package like Delta/ECS.  What Delta/ECS allows them to do is bring in 3500 line items of data in any given week, with neither errors nor data entry.  The biggest benefit, as CD Ford reports, is the turnaround time between invoicing and payment.  Through the implementation of an integrated environment, they have been able to reduce the order-to-pay cycle by an average of 6 days over their previous method of emailing invoices. 

It's so easy to use your customer's online "EDI" service and/or sign up for the third party EDI solution your customer recommends.  This becomes problematic when a few years down the road you find yourself with four different EDI solutions with 4 four different monthly subscriptions, and four different contracts.  

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