Low-cost web EDI is perfectly suited to the EDI needs of a small to medium company.  There’s no software to install and with its user friendly interface, your company will be trading EDI documents with its trading partners in record time.  Web EDI offers a collection of features that can match any traditional EDI solution.

athena graphic

Other features include:

•Smart looking forms-based EDI document templates

•Free automatic acknowledgment (997 or CONTRL) generation

•Automated calendar that finds (and alerts you to) the important dates within EDI documents

•Ability to view raw EDI

•Duplicates tracking

•Multilingual interface 

Web EDI offers all the bells and whistles of a desktop EDI application, without any of the hassle.  There is no installation procedure.  There are no operating system conflicts. What you get is a worry-free, user-friendly, accessible-from-any-computer, inexpensive Web-based EDI application.  There is no limit to the number of trading partners or EDI documents you can manage from the Web EDI environment.