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Supply Chain Insights eBook

Presented by the EDI Alliance

This free eBook offers current and relevant information about several Supply Chain areas of interest.

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CVS Health Case Study

Woonsocket, RI

CVS Health and GraceBlood LLC partner to deliver electronic trading to thousands of suppliers across the globe.

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Mrs. Grissom's Case Study

Nashville, TN

An ERP migration and a move to Managed Services freed up resources to put back into the business.

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Martignetti Case Study

Taunton, MA

Martignetti Companies, a Microsoft Dynamics AX user, moves cumbersome in-house EDI to hands-off Managed Services.

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Quibids Case Study

Oklahoma City, OK

Quibids, a major online auction company, moves their business to the next level by leveraging the power of OpenText + Liaison's Delta/ECS.
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EDI 101 eBook

Presented by the EDI Alliance

This free eBook will explain all the basics about electronic data interchange (EDI) including what options are available as well as special considerations.

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Integration Whitepaper

Presented by OpenText + Liaison

Is your data integration architecture helping you or hurting you? What getting data integration RIGHT can do for your business.

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Wayfair Case Study

Presented by OpenText + Liaison

Wayfair uses OpenText + Liaison's Delta/ECS package to manage their exploding business.

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What is EDI Whitepaper

by Lee Mrkonjic

An unbiased whitepaper explaining electronic data interchange (EDI) in simple terms that the novice can understand.

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AliMed Case Study

Dedham, MA

AliMed, a Microsoft Dynamics AX user, discovers that OpenText + Liaison Delta/ECS can make them more efficient and reduce manual processes.

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Print Media Case Study

Miami, FL

Print Media, Inc., a paper company with unique challenges and zero EDI experience, realizes big dreams with the EDI Alliance.

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