EDI Translation and Communications Software

EDI software typically consists of two components:  a data transformation tool and an EDI communication vehicle to send and receive data securely.  Most of the EDI translation software on the market today can handle data transformation for large, multinational organizations with thousands of electronically enabled trading partners to small companies just beginning an e-Commerce program.  The software may have the ability to work with XML data as well as the standard EDI data which will allow you to grow your community by trading with non-e-Commerce enabled partners as well.  The software should include the EDI document standards used in the United States (ANSI X12) as well as the standards used in Europe (EDIFACT),

With these data transformation software packages, you can:

  • Administer all transactions from one place
  • Bring new trading partners up with ease
  • Count on top reliability and performance
  • Leverage the power of the Internet
  • Enable non-e-commerce capable partners
  • Simplify your ERP integration

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